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The East Midlands Specialist Operations Unit (EMSOU) is one of the largest collaborative policing units in the country, delivering specialist capabilities on behalf of the five East Midlands police forces. EMSOU focuses on intelligence gathering and the disruption and investigation of Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) with services including covert tactics, digital forensics, and criminal finance and asset recovery in support of investigations into people, drugs and firearms trafficking, cybercrime, fraud and money laundering, as well as prison corruption.

EMSOU are looking to provide an opportunity for up to five Year In Industry (YII) placements to join this dynamic and fast paced environment for a minimum of 10 months. We are looking for people with an inquisitive mind-set; a positive attitude to problem solving and learning new skills; and the ability to apply new knowledge and experience across a range of challenges. Effective communication is also key (both written and verbal), as is a willingness / ability to work in a sensitive environment (residency and security vetting conditions do apply).

The five placements being offered are in:

Data Science

The candidate can expect to work as part of a small data science team within law enforcement, aiming to deliver tools and solutions to colleagues across multiple disciplines including Organised Crime Investigation, Intelligence Analysis, Business Analysis, and Cyber Crime. As such, the candidate will be expected to use a range of tools from Excel to SQL, Python and R programming languages. The role will help deliver data insights across the organisation and will require an ability to adapt to and assimilate new technologies within your approach to data science.

Technical Development Unit

The candidate can expect to work as part of a digital technical development team both applying and developing tools, techniques and procedures to support investigations. As such, the candidate will be expected to use a range of tools and software that relate to computer IT architecture security and assessment, malware analysis and other related disciplines. The role will require the ability to comply with set objectives and user requirements and apply research methodology to solve technical problems.

Cyber Crime Investigations

The candidate can expect to work as part of a small Regional Cyber Crime Unit aiming to investigate organised crime groups, individuals and networks involved in committing cyber crime on a local, regional, national and sometimes international basis. The candidate will be working alongside Investigators and technical teams and support them to understand the offence and how it was committed, analyse the data and support investigations, including identifying and tracing suspects.

Cyber Crime Prevent and Protect

The candidate will be working within a Cyber Engagement team who are involved with Protecting businesses and People from becoming victims or repeat victims of Cyber Crime, Preventing people from becoming more involved in Cyber Criminality or Preparing businesses and people so that they can better respond to a Cyber incident when it happens. This involves understanding the current risks, producing material to inform people of the risk and delivering interventions or presentations to individuals or groups in all of the Protect, Prevent and Prepare arenas.

Financial Investigation

The candidate will be working with Financial investigation teams involved in identifying and tracing assets that people have accrued as a result of their involvement in criminality. The teams use a range of powers to seize cash and property both criminally and civilly. The candidate will be working alongside Financial Investigators whose responsibility it is to identify, trace, recover and seize proceeds of crime.

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