Archive June 2017

VIDEO: Organisational Transformation and Digital Evidence

The Institute for Public Safety, Crime, and Justice’s Dr Laura Knight answers questions on the IPSCJ’s research into the use of digital evidence across the East Midlands. This research was carried out under the EMPAC banner and involved all five forces across the region.

BLOG: What is the impact of experiencing ASB on quality of life?

By Dr Becky Thompson, Bethany Ward and Professor Andromachi Tseloni – EMPAC Local and Community Policing network Dr Becky Thompson on the ASB Risk and Management project Around 1.8 million incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) were reported to the police in the year ending December 2016 (Office for National Statistics…

VIDEO: Anti-Social Behaviour Risk and Management

Nottingham Trent University’s Dr Becky Thompson answers questions on their anti-social behaviour risk and management project. This research was conducted under the EMPAC banner and forms part of the EMPAC Local and Community Policing‘s contribution to the collaboration.

Spotlight on EMPAC Fellows

EMPAC would like to celebrate its Fellows by offering some insights into what they’re up to – hearing all about them may encourage other practitioners out there to be a part of research too. EMPAC Fellowships are an innovative way of developing our policing organisations and staff at the same…