Spotlight on EMPAC experts: David Herrington

EMPAC is pleased to welcome another Senior Research Fellow on board – David Herrington – who has a specialist skill in quantitative analysis and foresight scanning in a multi-agency context.

David has over 20 years’ experience in strategic management (MCIM), research, PRINCE methodology and programme management. He has worked as an Evidence Based Policing Champion for the College of Policing, and Lean Six Sigma, and as Chair of the national Futures Scanning Group. He has worked as an analyst for both policing and health services for a number of years and is currently a Transformation Programme Manager in Public Health, based in the midlands.

David has an interest in public demand on services public and argues that COVID-19 has demonstrated the benefits data sharing between the NHS, Public Health, Councils and Policing. The ongoing opportunity now is to seize the initiative in better understanding crime and deprivation as an holistic Public Health challenge – rather than through individual agency silo lenses.

Let’s work together

David makes a strong case for a more connected approach; sharing demand information to inform collaborative practice, and for utilising more futures techniques (including foresight, scenario scoping and horizon scanning approaches). Such an approach could accelerate the benefits of joint systems thinking, to directly benefit the public.

Better integration of academia, industry and government, to critically assess and interpret means a more holistic yet structured approach can explore foresight in areas of vulnerability, uncertainty and complexity to actively enhance anticipatory capability.

EMPAC warmly welcomes David to work with us on ongoing and new projects, such as FMS Demand and the reduction of crime.

For more information about Foresight and Futures take a look at The Government Office for Science.  You’ll find lots of information and resources here – try these links out:-

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