Policing Performance Research

Amongst all the topics about policing, as a vital public service, perhaps the single most important issue that exists is how to get the best performance available. Performance is about what actually gets delivered, be that within the context of financial efficiency, community trust or life-saving effectiveness. It’s surprising in a way that there are so few Centres that target their research on policing performance across the globe: but if you were looking for one, you’ve found them right here! 

The Policing Performance Research Laboratory is a world-leading multi-discipline collaborative hub at Loughborough University: so if you’re in the market for enhancing policing performance get in touch! 

Policing Performance Research Laboratory

The Lab is structured in three overlapping themes: Anlaytics, Science and Enablers. This agile tripod structure allows for individual or combined consultancy research for any number of specialist, tailored or sensitive applications in policing.

The commonality of the Lab is on application – to focus on the ‘so what?’ – and in doing so push at the boundaries of what’s possible to get the best performance for today, and tomorrow.


Professor Peter Kawalek heads up Analytics, as a leading policing economist, Professor of Information Management and Director of the Centre for Information Management. Professor Kawalek was formerly Head of Business Economics and Strategy at the University of Manchester, having previously worked at the University of Warwick Business School.

Peter is a regular contributor to the Policing in Excellence Conference and has experience in advising public services in Salford, Lincolnshire, Leeds, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Dublin.  Professor Kawalek helped establish the pioneering (Big Data) MADE (Multi-Agency Data Exchange) project to jointly enhance police, fire service, council, NHS, probation and drug action team performance and has advised the Cabinet Office and National Police Chief’s Council. 


Professor Lisa Jackson leads Science, as a member of the UK National Police Chief Scientific Advisory Committee, with a mathematics background and an active research portfolio in the reliability of engineering systems, system safety and enhanced service provision.

Lisa has a track record of the development of decision making and risk, fault diagnosis and performance improvement and has applied her enquiries to demand modelling and predictive police positioning for optimised performance. 



Professor John Coxhead leads Enablers, as Professor of Policing Innovation and Learning. Professor Coxhead is the founder of the UK Innovation in Policing Competition and specialises in the enabling factors within teams that engender best performance, through learning and development, working culture and innovation. 

John has applied his ethnographic research in policing to action learning, serious organised crime, multi-agency working and community policing working with the UK Home Office and the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE), Vienna. 



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