Nottingham research data open call

EMPAC would like to advertise an opportunity to get involved with research exploring police perspectives on how to respond to crimes involving the non-consensual sharing of sexual / nude images. As this is a relatively new offence (introduced in 2015) it would be useful to understand police officers’ experiences of managing these cases as there may be practical issues police are facing which could help identify possible training needs, ways to improve support for police or possible recommendations for addressing the new law. 

Georgina Mclocklin is an Academic Associate in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University who is researching as part of a PhD programme, asking police officers to share their opinions and/or experiences on responding to cases involving the non-consensual sharing of sexual or nude images.

The researcher hopes to understand the challenges police may face when responding to this crime and understand what practices work best. The research has ethical approval and will be anonymous.

The open call is for participants to give their insights and will involve approximately an hour long online interview. Participants do not need to have experience of working on cases involving these types of cases to take part.

Please spread the word about this new research  and encourage anyone who might be able to help to get in touch with Georgina direct at :-











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