Research on improving forensic investigation of mobile phone data

The University of Nottingham has been awarded United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding to develop a new way to increase investigative forensic capability, by better harnessing mobile phone data.

The interdisciplinary team is Professor Derek McAuley, Assistant Professor Helena Webb, Senior Research Fellow Liz Dowthwaite and Research Fellow Anna-Maria Piskopani, who are working with industrial partners telemarq and HARGS.

The research investment is funded via the Trustworthy Autonomous System (TAS) Hub, and seeks to aid the criminal justice system in mobile phone extraction, where data from phones belonging to suspects, witnesses and victims is examined in order to aid investigations.

Such data can prove pivotal in investigations, yet the process of currently getting it can be very lengthy and inefficient, which slows down the administration of justice and can adversely victims. The Responsible Investigation of Mobile Environments (RIME) is an open source tool that is now subject to research to further develop its prototype capabilities and speed up the opportunities for agile investigation.

The team are looking for policing formations who would be interested in refining and testing this new approach – if you are interested get in touch at:-


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