Lincolnshire’s collaboration innovation

Lincolnshire are on the map for their best practice in progressing blue light collaboration, to not only realise efficiencies, but improve services to the public all in one joined-up approach. This collaborative work has been subject to critical scrutiny oversight by the University of Lincoln and now offers a sound knowledge base for others to apply across the region and beyond. 

Police and Crime Act 2017

Spurred on by the legislation, Lincolnshire accelerated their existing collaborative work between Lincolnshire Police, East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, supported by Lincolnshire County Council. The progressive approach taken attracted £7.5 million of central Government funding via the Home Office’s Police Innovation Fund. 

Interoperability exploration has realised efficiencies and improved public service delivery, with a number of bases being shared for mutual supportive purposes, whilst enhancing multi-agency response to major incident capacity and capability.

First of its kind

The South Park Tri-Service Evaluation, critically reviewed by Professor Kate Strudwick of the University of Lincoln, offers an exemplar of how to go about operationalising collaboration of blue light services. This particular venture is the first of its type n the UK, and the independent assessment helps draw out operational learning through staff surveys, offering a transparent and critical overview of the change programme.

Such as been the success of the programme, HRH Anne, Princes Royal, has visited to offer a royal seal of approval. Well done Team Lincolnshire!

You can read the full report here: Lincolnshire Blue Light Programme – South Park Tri-Service Station Evaluation (Revised June 2021)_VISUAL 2

For more information about this trailblazing work contact Peter Dyer, Collaboration Initiatives Project Manager at Lincolnshire Blue Light Collaboration Programme, at


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