Lincoln EMPAC Symposium triumph

The University of Lincoln hosted a joint EMPAC / SEBP event with Lincolnshire Police on 31st October, with a sell out attendance, including chief officers and Police and Crime Commissioners.

This hugely significant event will now operate as a trailblazer to influence wider change across the EMPAC region.

Professor Matthew Hall introduced Deputy Chief Constable Gary Knighton’s discussion paper on ‘Thoughtful Policing’ as a blueprint for research informed professional policing in the 21st century. You can watch the presentation on youtube:

Professor Simon Holdaway gave an inspiring lecture on ‘evidence based policing’ and how this should be looked at in a broader and more holistic way. In particular he gave emphasis to the inclusion of qualitative data that helps capture the dynamic complexity of policing and inform the craft of policing. Professor Holdaway also endorsed the importance of sergeants as driving change in the operational policing world.

Claire Davies of Nottingham Trent University outlined her fascinating work on ‘Rank is the elephant in the room – police leadership and the authority of rank’, followed by ground-breaking insights from Lee Johnson of Lincolnshire Police on understanding how violence escalates into assaults on police.

Jamie Ferrill of Loughborough University gave a great overview of her new research into leadership styles and its effect on officer behaviour and well being, before the symposium moved into stimulating discussion on the ‘so what?’ of research informed policing approaches, facilitated by Simon Smith.

The event was so stimulating a series of podcasts are being prepared for the EMPAC web site so you can share in some of the great talks and Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Davison is writing up a full Symposium summary with its influential emergent themes.

As an early tip off – next time Lincoln host an EMPAC event do make sure you get there to experience the very best in discussions of collaborative policing research!


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