Hate Crime Research Workshop, 5th March 2019

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have remodelled and refined hate crime risk assessment over a four-year period with Nottinghamshire Police, in a project which was singled out as an example of good practice in the HMICFRS report.

A free workshop all about hate Crime risk assessing will take place on Tuesday 5th March 2019, between 10.30am and 2.30pm, to include a networking buffet, hosted at the Joint Police and Fire Training Centre, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3RS. The Centre is signposted and offers free parking.

At this important event, researchers will share the valuable lessons learned during the work, giving you a chance to learn more about the process and outcomes of the research, share good practice and ideas with others, and find out how the researchers can support you through the process in your force.

Dr Loretta Trickett, Associate Professor at NTU, will share the knowledge she has gained through many years of evidence-based research into police responses to hate crime.

The format of the event is:

  • where we are nationally with risk assessment and how we got here
  • key findings and recommendations

Workshop 1

What do we want from Hate Crime Risk Assessment (drawing on their own policing experiences)

What sorts of issues arise in hate crime cases – to think about some key themes for developing risk assessment.


Workshop 2

Where is your force with Hate Crime Risk Assessment?

What is current practice in risk assessing? .

Workshop 3

Learning from the Nottinghamshire Experience

Sharing the current Nottinghamshire Police hate crime risk assessment and examining this within the context of the feedback from HMICFRS.

Key questions throughout are focussed on applications –

How could a model be developed?

What would help deliver a risk assessment model?

What support is needed?

What would / wouldn’t work?

What might the barriers be?

How might these be overcome?

The ultimate aim is to create a Roadmap of practical actions/activities to take forward in order to improve professional practice.

To book a place email:

Dr Loretta Trickett is an Associate Professor in Criminology, Criminal Law and Human Rights at Nottingham Law School.  Her research interests include gendered victimisation and hate crime.  She has published articles on masculinities, fear of crime, gang violence, sexual assaults and hate crime.  Dr Trickett has undertaken research on gendered fear of crime, victim satisfaction, the prosecution of disability hate crime and police experiences of hate crime and training.  She has recently completed an evaluation of the Misogyny Hate Crime Policy of Nottinghamshire Police funded by Nottingham Women’s Centre and PCC an exploration of hate crime risk assessment for Nottinghamshire Police.  She has recently completed three research projects including an examination of new and emerging communities in the UK for the Safer Nottinghamshire Board, an exploration of older people’s and social exclusion for The British Arts Council, an evaluation of Age UK’s Living Well service and a qualitative study.  Dr Trickett is shortly to begin an evaluation of responses to hate crime victims in Nottinghamshire.


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