EMPAC works with the Police Foundation on the Strategic Review of Policing

Loughborough University’s Centre for Policing Innovation, Enterprise and Learning (an arm of the Loughborough Police Research Group) is working in partnership with the Police Foundation on the national Strategic Review of Policing.

The Police Foundation is an independent policing think tank that uses and promotes research to improve policing. The Foundation has been leading a Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales, in two phases, led by Sir Michael Barber. The first phase looked at the national safety and security challenges for the 21st Century. Phase two is exploring the legitimacy, organisation, resourcing and governance of policing over the next twenty years.

Working in partnership with the Centre for Policing Innovation, Enterprise and Learning at Loughborough University, the Foundation are hosting a special seminar about policing innovation on the 19th of May 2021. The seminar will help feed into Phase Two of the Strategic Review, taking a particularly good look at the future and how policing might get upstream in a more agile way within accelerating changes in society.

Seminar on policing the future

The seminar will take evidence and insight from a number of EMPAC colleagues, including Professor Peter Kawalek, Director of the Centre for Information Management, on the opportunities of working smarter with  data.

Loughborough Professor of Policing Innovation and Learning, John Coxhead will contribute to discussions over law enforcement mindset and organisational enterprise culture.

There will be international colleagues contributing too, including Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera, of Rashtriya Raksha University; Terry O’Connell of New South Wales, Australia; Associate Professor Kelly Sundberg of Mount Royal University, Alberta; and Dr Christina Witt of Calgary Police Service.

EMPAC is proud to be supporting the national strategic review of policing to influence the future of policing in the UK.



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