NTU hosts 3rd EMPAC Understanding Demand Workshop

EMPAC is holding its third free regional Understanding Demand, Capacity and Capability meeting on Friday 3rd May 2019 and all are welcome to come along and get involved. Led by Superintendent Mark Housley (Lincolnshire), on behalf of NPPC lead Chief Constable Bill Skelly, such work is about trying to improve public service delivery by using everyone’s insights. The opportunity here is to be able to reflect and review what it is we are trying to achieve, why we are doing it and stimulate innovation and enterprise by thinking about things in different ways. In the busy world of policing that doesn’t happen enough!

By working with academic partners, policing and other public services have a great opportunity to overcome any insular or silo thinking, and make meaningful sense of the huge amount of growing data out there about public needs. That growing data is often running the opposite way to shrinking public service resources! So, we need to get as smart as we possibly can.

We are keen to extend participation to wider policing professionals including those leading Change; Operational Delivery; Performance and Organisational Development – which includes those working on Force Management Statements (FMS). The particular aspect of benefit to FMS is to explore being more analytical and future orientated rather than just descriptive of current reactive activity.

As well as participation from academic researchers from a number of different universities and disciplines, we also are keen to invite all public sector strategic partners who share the same challenging issues in respect of Demand, Capacity and Capability and see the benefit in better understanding public need.

If you are not available to attend please consider sending a Deputy. Also please feel free to extend this invite to anyone you feel might benefit from attending the event.

The Agenda is:-

1.     Introductions

2.     Terms of Reference – purpose and what we want to achieve

3.     Demand Defined – understanding what we actually mean by ‘understanding demand’

4.     Understanding Drivers for Demand (where do we discuss measuring demand; efficiency, effectiveness and productivity)

5.     Partnership and interdependencies – working together

6.     Place Based approaches

7.     Predicting Demand  – ensuring we have the capacity and capability

If you wish to book a place please email Dr Becky Thompson at: becky.thompson@ntu.ac.uk .

Time: 13:00-15:00 Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be provided. (There is no required dress code.)

Location: Newton building – (Nottingham Trent University City Campus. Enter via the main reception just off Goldsmith Street (where the tram lines are) and mention at the reception desk that you are here for a meeting with Becky Thompson. They will direct you to the room. For travel advice, see below. Getting here: You can get directions on our website. Make sure you follow directions for our city campus. Parking is very limited in the city centre so if you are travelling by car we recommend you use one of the park-and-ride sites with a direct tram to NTU (remember to buy a ticket before you board and to get off at the ‘Nottingham Trent University’ stop).    

See here for more details on previous EMPAC regional demand work:



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