EMPAC award for Sgt Mark Brennan and Leicestershire Police team

EMPAC is proud to report its first ever award for making an outstanding contribution to improving policing through research. The recipients are Sgt Mark Brennan and his team at Leicester Police. Mark has been driving the involvement of policing personnel at Leicestershire in research and operational problem solving for several years, bringing people together and encouraging a mind set of continual improvement and innovation. His personal enthusiasm, drive and persistence was praised by his Chief Constable, Simon Cole, in presenting the EMPAC award at Leicester Police HQ at the start of the Evidence Based Policing Problem Solving Conference, in front of many policing and academic colleagues.

Mark joined Leicestershire Police in 2007 as a police constable working across response, neighbourhood policing and a detective constable working in safeguarding and criminal investigation.

In October 2015 he began and grew an internal ‘evidence based policing network’ in Leicestershire Police which is now made up of over 150 officers and staff across all ranks and departments.  This network has influenced policy making at a strategic level but also operational practice on the ground within Leicestershire Police.

In July 2016 Mark was promoted and he is currently a sergeant based in the West Leicester neighbourhood policing area.

On receiving this award Mark said, “It is fantastic that my work and that of the Leicestershire Police evidence based policing network has been recognised as an example of best practice.  The network goes from strength to strength which will only benefit the force by ensuring both senior managers and practitioners fully utilise the evidence base leading to better strategic and operational decision-making.”

Mark’s leadership in pioneering the active involvement of so many personnel at Leicestershire Police, supported by his team, is an inspiration to many.  EMPAC congratulates them all on the well deserved recognition and hopes they will continue to be such powerful advocates of improving policing through research for a long time to come!


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