Dr Gargie Rampurkar’s research on safeguarding children

Say hello to EMPAC’s latest Honorary Research Fellow, Dr. Gargie Rampurkar, who has recently moved from Gujarat to Leicester. Gargie was a researcher at Rajasthan Police Academy & UNICEF, Rajasthan, India, before teaching at the National Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat.

Gargie has helped Indian police response capabilities by applying research methodologies, particularly concerning forensic science applications to help protect children. 

Her research on missing children was based on analysing five regions in Rajasthan reporting the highest incidences, to examine patterns, causes, investigative processes, standard operating procedures, inter-agency coordination, cross-border efforts, and the eventual rehabilitation of missing children. 

Gargie integrated the use of forensic tools and proposes innovative solutions for cold cases and made significant findings about the plight of rescued children residing in shelter homes due to a lack of information sharing between agencies. 

Dr. Rampurkar has also applied her research to street children to understand the context of poverty, industrialisation, migration, and crime. She worked with the Rajasthan State Commission for Protection of Child Rights and analysed the day-to-day challenges faced by street children and the degree of violence, substance abuse, exploitation and sexual abuse among the children. 

Dr. Rampurkar is now keen to work with East Midlands, and UK, agencies to help apply specialist forensic dentistry skills to the identification of missing children and improve the protection of children at risk of exploitation, such as those who have been trafficked.

You can contact Gargie at gargiedr@gmail.com


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