Child abuse experts needed for new Derby research

As part of a new collaboration between two European Union funded projects, PRIORITY and 2PS Project, Professor of Criminological Psychology, Nicholas Blagden, at the University of Derby, is seeking to invite child abuse experts to assist with new research.

The aim is to gather a group of child sexual abuse prevention experts for a European Stakeholder and Practitioner network and together use the expertise of that network as part of what is known as a Delphi study.

Delphi (named after the Oracle of Delphi) technique was popularised in the 1950s to try and identify expert consensus over specific matters. Experts are asked their opinions on a particular issue and, by continuing to work with the topic, are able to adapt their views based on emerging points, all of which is done anonymously to negate bias. The end result is a form of expert consensus which is very useful for researchers to make use of.

This particular research will explore structural and individual barriers to accessing prevention and intervention programmes, and training needs, amongst child abuse prevention workers.

Anyone interested in supporting this work can find out more at or you can reach Professor Blagden directly at



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